“The Most, LONELIEST Time, of the Year!” (December 17, 2017)

Every year as the calendar makes the switch from October to November we often times begin to hear the sweet sounds of Christmas music. For those crazy individuals who begin listening to said music in September, such as myself, this sudden change in the calendar is not as noticeable. However, for many others the transition from Autumn to Winter is a change that is very uncomfortable. The main reason for this is simple: As wonderful as the holiday season can be for many people, it can also bring on a sense of loneliness unlike any other time of the year. The holiday season is filled with busy schedules, magical moments, and unmet expectations. Between Hallmark movies and social media, it can be very easy to get lost in the abyss of looking in the mirror and comparing your life to others. Comparisons are never a good thing, but throughout the holiday season when you begin to compare it somehow it makes you feel much more empty because we all want those magical movie moments in our own lives when it comes to the Christmas season. Unfortunately this does not happen for many people, and because of that it can lead to some of the most loneliest moments of your life. Battling the sense of loneliness, especially at Christmas time, is one of the hardest things to overcome in life. With all that being said there is hope for those battling with being alone, and that hope is that learning to overcome can allow you to enhance your abilities of leading change in the lives of others.

In Podcast 4 – “The Most, LONELIEST Time, of the Year!” you will learn some of the main reasons why the Christmas season can feel the loneliest. Furthermore, I breakdown the symptoms of loneliness, the idea of trigger points, and finally strategies to overcome the idea of being alone. This is a battle I have fought for many years, but as I have learned how to battle loneliness, and more importantly overcome, it has allowed me to really spread my wings in pursuing the goals I have set before me. It is still a battle that I continue to fight to this day, but slowly have figured out strategies to employ that creates personal growth on a daily basis to overcome this area. This is a mental battle that is to important to overlook because if you are not careful it can negatively impact your life. There are to many stories of people who have missed out on opportunities to really change their lives because they were to busy focusing on the fact that they were alone. When you put your perspective in a negative light, it will often lead to you never taking steps of growth that allow you to progress in your day to day life. Becoming the Anomaly is a motto to embrace the things that set you apart, and utilize them in a way that helps others achieve their dreams. In order to Become the Anomaly you will need to realize at one point or another that being lonely is a place you will always be at mentally, but it is a never where you were meant to stay. Being an Anomaly is being different, and more often times than not you will be alone because of the way you live. If you set a standard, there will be a lot of individuals trying to take you down, and it will take a strong person to embrace loneliness to ensure that they are taking steps to achieve their goals. Being alone is by no means a bad place to be in life, but if you never allow yourself to grow in those moments to spread your wings within the community, than it ultimately becomes the place that holds you back from achieving your potential. At the end of the day, to really Become the Anomaly means to embrace the battle of loneliness…