Podcast 11 – SAD: Single Awareness Day

Do you have a fear of Valentine’s Day because you find yourself single? Well if that is you, then this is the episode for you! On Podcast 11 – SAD: Single Awareness Day, I am joined by my good friend Kolton Elmore and my cousin Zack Mangeac as we highlight the positives that come with being single. Furthermore, we spend time talking about the power of a single minded mental shift of going from a victim mindset to an ownership mindset.

Podcast X – New Beginnings

What does the life of a Christian look like? Why do certain people choose a life of serving Jesus? On Podcast X – New Beginnings, my good friend Kolton Elmore and my cousin Zach Mangeac join the podcast to discuss how each of us became Christians and what that journey looks like on a daily basis. Truly a great conversation that offers different perspectives for christians and non christians as well!


Podcast 10 – F R I E N D S

To start off the February 2018 podcast series on relationships, I couldn’t think of a better subject to talk about than friendship. More importantly, what it truly means, how to find great friends, and finally what it takes to become a great friend. To help me out on Podcast 10 – F R I E N D S, I invited my best friend and brother from another mother Kolton Elmore to join me on this weeks episode!

Podcast 8 – The Pressure of Potential

On Podcast 8 – The Pressure of Potential, you will hear about the times in our lives where we find ourselves further away from our potential then we could ever imagine. On the podcast I breakdown what it takes to handle the pressure of not living up to your potential, and more importantly strategies to apply that help you embrace the pressure that comes along with working your way into your potential!

Podcast 7 – The Price to Pay for Purpose

On Podcast 7 – The Price to Pay for Purpose, you will hear about the subject of purpose in a new way. As 2018 continues to progress many individuals make efforts to find and live within their purpose, but few actually do. The anomalies that do live within their purpose are those who were willing to make the sacrifice, to pay the price, to live out their purpose. It all comes down to this: Are you willing to pay the price to live out your purpose?

Podcast 5 – The Foundation to Making Goals Become Reality

On Podcast 5 – The Foundation to Making Goals Become Reality, I speak about the one area that will change your life when it comes to achieving your goals. As 2018 approaches we all have a vision of a better life. However, in order to achieve that vision it requires you to build a foundation that creates sustainable goals, and more importantly turns Goals into Reality!