Podcast 18 – The Battle Behind Closed Doors

Welcome to another edition of Becoming the Anomaly!

On Podcast 18 – The Battle Behind Closed Doors, I open up on one of the most difficult areas of my life that I have battled since I was 13 years old. That area has been my battle with pornography… Throughout my adolescent years, college years, and even early career years I have directly battled my pornography addiction that has caused me to stumble more often than not. From my experiences serving as a Youth Leader and a Young Adults Director with Christian Faith Center I have quickly realized that pornography arguably affects the millennial generation more than any other addiction. On the episode I open up about my battle with the addiction, the major lessons I have learned, and most importantly what strategies I have employed to overcome this addiction. Not an easy podcast to put out to the public, but one I hope with an authentic heart can impact the lives of those listening.

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