Podcast 12 – New Beginnings

As we approach the Easter season I wanted to have a series on why I believe choosing a life serving Jesus can become the ultimate reason why you Become an Anomaly. Since that is the case, what does the life of a Christian look like? Why do certain people choose a life of serving Jesus in the first place? On Podcast 12 – New Beginnings, my good friend Kolton Elmore and my cousin Zach Mangeac join the podcast to discuss how each of us became Christians and what that journey looks like on a daily basis. Furthermore you will hear one of the most incredible testimonies I know from Zach, as he describes his personal journey of reconnecting with God through some of the most difficult moments of his life. Truly a genuine conversation that offers different perspectives for christians and non christians alike!

If you guys enjoy this podcast please don’t hesitate to leave a review below! I also love all of your feedback, so if you want to talk more about this episode you can find me on these platforms:

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Instagram: @jacobnitu

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